The Value Mistake

I was talking with someone close to me today who is in their late 30’s. We were catching up on life and what we’ve both been up to, how the families are doing, work, weather….you know the drill. It was a great conversation as it always is and then we started talking about the “good” stuff. What does the future look like, where would we like to be and do and reflecting on what we’ve learned. It was right about here when he said,

“I’m realizing now that I may not measure up to all that I thought I would.”

What a powerful sentiment! I’m almost certain that many, if not all, of us at some stage in our life has had this same thought. You thought you were an amazing athlete until you rose to the level where you just couldn’t compete. You thought you were going to be a millionaire by 24 but then 25 came and you had to put your groceries on a credit card. There are so many ways that we get fooled into defining how our value will be measured only to fall short and be left wanting.

I reflected back to the times in my life when I had felt the same way and wondered briefly on what made the difference that I don’t feel that way now. And then it hit me!

As you grow wiser the measuring stick changes

The times in my life that I was left feeling that I hadn’t measured up to who I thought was all due to the incorrect measuring tool. I was measuring by things I’d own, net worth, position or titles, etc. What I realized was that over time I became wiser (even my wife says I’m a wise guy) and started measuring my growth and potential by things that mattered.

  • Am I self focused or serving others focused?

  • How is my emotional intelligence? Can I control myself in difficult times.

  • How is my character, Am I known to be a man of my word?

  • Not what I have, but how is it used?

  • Have I improved my skills of discernment and wisdom so that I can help others more effectively

  • Does my family know that they are cherished and loved?

  • Would my community notice if I was gone because of my willingness to serve it?

These are just a few that are more on the forefront of my mind instead of how much money have I acquired. And to be clear this is not coming from someone who is dead broke and “needed” to find a better measuring tool to self-preserve. This is simply refocusing on what really is important in life.


You have been created with great value. You were MEANT for things that have unfolded and have yet to be seen. You have been given many gifts to fine tune and use. Are you using them or are you still hung up on trying to measure your value by tools that are broken?

You need to challenge yourself to find what matters most. You owe it to yourself to stop beating yourself up because of things you’ve fallen short on and refocus on the greatness that is in you. You were created with were MEANT….. for what? There lies the adventure of our lives.

I know it can be difficult, I know how it feels to wander in the desert of “what am I here for”. The journey is worth it. GO GET EM!