You have been wonderfully made. 

It's that simple. Your life and the others around you were created intentionally. It's no mistake, even when life's circumstance may seem to say otherwise. To truly know this is the first step in living a Meant.Life.

Can you think of a time that you "meant" to do something? You had a thought which became an intention which then became an action. You meant to take an action based on a specific intent. This is exactly how each one of us has been created.

Life seems to throw many hurdles at us. Some are entirely out of our control and others have been entirely self inflicted. These situations may have caused you to question whether there is a purpose for you. Let me be the first to tell you that there IS! Knowing this will give you great confidence no matter if you're very different than others or if you blend right in.

Whether your purpose is to be a great spouse, parent, mechanic, corporate attorney, etc, finding it will help set you free. Discovering gives you direction and awareness of the greatness in you. The life you were MEANT to live is right outside your door!

What fires you up with passion? What breaks your heart? Your purpose does not have be limited to simply your work or career. 

You are loved and wonderfully made. Discovering this is the first step in living a Meant.Life